XO Private

“XO Private connects the world of bespoke travel by bringing together the most sought-after destination connoisseurs, most creative experience curators, most unique hotels and estates, and most exclusive mobility operators — in short, the true Masters of Bespoke Travel, 


Ever since its launch in 2003, XO Private has always set out to be different and refreshingly innovative in many ways. It all started with the idea of connecting luxury travel companies with guaranteed affluent travellers. Nowadays XO Private serves as a seal of quality for the bespoke travel industry’s wonderful components, connecting their prestigious members “The Masters” to the finest Travel Designers from across the globe through a wide range of most powerful channels, including the industry’s most sought out gatherings”


Apartado de Correos 194, 07100 Sóller (Baleares) Spain



Visit the website: http://www.xoprivate.com/

"SYNERGY HOTEL COLLECTION" -  Brand di Synergy International Italy Srl
"SYNERGY HOTEL COLLECTION" - Brand di Synergy International Italy Srl
P.za di Sant'Andrea Della Valle n.3
00186 Roma, Italy